Quick Answer: What Is The Meaning Of USSD Code?

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), sometimes referred to as “Quick Codes” or “Feature codes”, is a communications protocol used by GSM cellular telephones to communicate with the mobile network operator’s computers.

What is a USSD code running?

An Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code is a code that is programmed into your SIM card or your cell phone to make it easier to perform certain actions.24 Dec 2018

Does Ussd use data?

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is a protocol used by GSM cellphones to communicate with their service provider’s computers via text messages. We commonly use it to check mobile airtime and data balance enquiries, or to receive one-time passwords or PIN codes, among many applications.18 Jun 2018

What is MMI code on phone?

Every code that you enter over your phones keypad that contains asterisk (*) or hash (#) characters is an MMI code. MMI stands for Man-Machine-Interface.

What is the USSD code for MTN?

MTN recharge code

To load airtime into your cell phone, you can do so by dialling *141* followed by the voucher number, then an * after which it which is to be followed by the phone number, then a #.15 Jul 2019

What is USSD code in Samsung mobile?

Codes for Samsung phones

Code Function
*#1234# Display firmware version
*#2222# Display hardware version
*2767*3855# Reset: delete all data and reset all settings
*#0*# Test/service mode, e.g. Galaxy S3 mini

2 more rows

How do I use USSD?

USSD is a technology platform through which information can be transmitted through a GSM network on a basic phone. This service will be available on all mobile phones with SMS facility. To use USSD mobile banking, users will have to simply dial *99# and use the interactive menu.

What is USSD payment?

USSD payment is a fast and simple solution for the payment of bills in-country or to a service provider elsewhere in the world. Pay using any kind of mobile phone, by simply dialling a USSD code and selecting the number which corresponds to “pay bills”. Payments can be made any time of the day or night.

What is USSD mobile banking?

The unstructured supplementary service data (USSD) – is currently the best available technology to deliver mobile financial services to both low and high-income customers. Access Bank’s USSD code for mobile money transfer is *901#, Simply dial and follow the instructions thereafter.10 Apr 2018

What is USSD callback?

CALLUP’s Roaming Call Back solution helps operators keep the income from roaming calls on their network with a seamless user experience for the user. Callback Server Features Highlight: STK application for automatic diversion of outgoing calls to the callback system. User feedback and status, over USSD or SMS.

Why is my phone saying invalid MMI code?

Solution: ‘Connection problem or invalid MMI code’ indicates problem with the network (i.e poor signal) or wrong MMI code have being entered by the user. Otherwise, if user is trying to recharge through the mobile which has two active sim connections. Then, there is a chance for this error.28 Aug 2013

What does it mean when it says invalid MMI code?

When the invalid MMI code message is shown, it generally means that calls or text messages can’t be sent until this issue has been fixed.25 Feb 2015

How do I stop MMI code?

Re: What is the MMI code to disable call forwarding?

  • Dial #21#.
  • Push the Call, Send, Talk, or Receiver icon.
  • Your wireless device displays a confirmation message when Call Forwarding deactivates.

24 May 2016