Quick Answer: What Is Samsung Theme App?

Galaxy Themes Catalog – This app is a collection of quality themes for your Samsung Galaxy from individual designers.

When installing/buying themes, the app redirects you to the Galaxy Themes Store and from this store you can install/buy your chosen themes.

How do I get the Samsung theme app?

Choose your theme, download it and tap ‘Apply’.

  • Long press on the home screen.
  • Tap the ‘Wallpapers’ or ‘Themes’ icon.
  • Select a content.
  • Download your content.

What is theme store on Samsung?

In any case, Samsung’s theme store is pretty simple, housing themes as well as icons and wallpapers. There are even always-on display themes. It’s an excellent, simple, and cheap way to customize your Samsung device and among the more competent attempts at theming by an OEM on Android.

Does Samsung themes cost money?

You can download Themes you have already purchased from the [Purchase list] for free. You can download each Theme on up to 10 devices.

What is Samsung themes com Samsung Android Themestore Android?

Galaxy Themes is the official Samsung app for modifying your smartphone’s theme. If you’re tired of the way your smartphone looks, this app offers tons of options for giving your smartphone a fresh look whenever you want. It’s incredibly simple and intuitive, and you can find it preinstalled on your Samsung smartphone.