Question: How Do You Make Ikea Bookcases Look Built In?

What is Ikea Billy bookcase made of?


The shelf parts are made of plastic-coated or veneered particle board.

The edges are covered with plastic strips.

The shelves are placed on metal support, the holes in the side walls have a distance of 32 mm..

Is it cheaper to build or buy shelves?

The pros of DIY shelving include: Lower Cost – Generally, buying the materials for your garage shelves should be cheaper than purchasing prefab – just make sure you do everything right the first time. … Durability – As long as you choose quality materials and a solid design, your DIY shelves will be more durable.

How thick should Wood be for shelves?

Use 3/4-inch thick materials for shelves and bookcase structure. If you’re using hardwood solids, it’s OK to boost the thickness to 1 1/4 inch for almost unlimited support. This type of shelf looks more like a mantel and is expensive, but adds the opulent look of craftsmanship.

What is a good depth for a bookcase?

How deep is a bookcase? Bookcases typically range in depth between 10”-12” (26-31 cm) for medium sized books. Smaller bookcase depths of 6.5” (17 cm) may be desired for paperback books and novels, while larger bookcase depths of 14” (35 cm) are useful for records and larger format books.

What wood is best for shelves?

The Best Wood to Use for Wood ShelvesPine. Pine is one of the most affordable and popular softwoods in the market. … Plywood. Plywood is another good option for people who are interested in making their own shelves. … Cherry. Although cherry is a hardwood, it is lightweight and easy to use. … Koa. … Red Oak. … Paduak. … Mahogany.

What are built ins?

Built-ins are any items that do not leave the property but remain a part of the permanent structure of a home. This includes any type of permanent appliances, cabinetry, furniture that’s built into the home, such as shelving or benches, and other attached items.

Do built ins add value to your home?

Whereas furniture usually leaves with the homeowner when they sell the house or move, built ins remain. This is why they can increase home value. Built in bookshelves are also a great way to include very creative and personal design elements in the home while simultaneously maintaining a neutral backdrop for resale.

What is the tallest Ikea bookcase?

Figuring out your height: (If you worked off of the highest then it will be too tall for the other end of the wall!) Billy bookcases come in 3 heights. The tallest is 79.5″, the middle is 41.75″, and the shortest is an extender that is 11″.

How thick are Ikea Billy shelves?

IKEA Billy Bookcases come in height variations from tall at 93.25” (237 cm) to short at 41.75” (106 cm). Widths range from wide designs at 31.5” (80 cm) to thin designs at 15.75” (40 cm). All bookcases have a depth of 11” (28 cm).

How do you make a cheap bookcase look expensive?

Add Molding to Make It Look More Expensive Fine furniture is usually finished with as much trim and molding as the style allows. Thus, you can make a cheap bookcase look more expensive by adding molding—even if it starts as an everyday laminate piece.

How do you decorate built in bookshelves?

The Dos and Don’ts of Decorating Built-In ShelvesDon’t – Force or Rush the Process.Do – Shop Your Home for Accessories.Do – Add Books.Don’t – Spend Too Much on These Books.Don’t – Water the Greenery on the Shelves.Do – Vary Height, Texture, and Objects.Don’t – Go Matchy-Matchy.Do- Add Meaningful Decor.

How do I update my old built ins?

5 Ways to Update Built-Ins Without Breaking the Bank!Paint or restain. … Remove elaborate pilasters and molding that don’t fit the home’s style. … Change hardware. … Change or remove cabinet and drawer fronts. … Install lighting.

Do Billy bookcases look cheap?

The fixed center shelf requires all the other shelves to adjust to its stubbornness. These bookshelves could be a little deeper; 12 inches (instead of 11) would be much better. Often, several books will still hang over the edges. As a stand-alone bookcase, the Billy has a cheap look about it.

How deep should built ins be?

11 to 12 inchesTake stock of what you’ll be storing on them: trim travel guides or oversize art books, bulky board games or lidded baskets, collectibles large or small. Most shelves are built a minimum of 11 to 12 inches deep, but this is your chance to customize: Go for it!

Does Ikea Billy bookcases sag?

Billy bookcase shelves have a reputation for sagging. It’s easy to strengthen the shelves with this hack. Find this Pin and more on Ikea Hacks by Randa Hiemke.

Are built ins worth it?

If you simply need more storage, space to display items, or room to house equipment, it’s understandable to look at built-ins. They’re sturdy, they can support a great deal of weight, and they’ll probably add to the value of your home. That said, built-ins can also become a problem if they’re not placed with care.

How much does it cost to put in built in bookcases?

The cost to have built-in bookshelves installed averages $2,554 or between $1,250 and $3,931 for a carpenter to do the job. If you buy the materials yourself, you can usually get a handyman to install them for $30 to $130 per hour. For high end custom work, expect to spend $150 to $1,200 per linear foot.

Can you paint the Billy bookcase from Ikea?

The Ikea Billy bookcase shelf on the left was painted without using the Zinsser B.I.N. Primer. The one on the right has 1 coat of primer + 1 coat of paint. Yeah, the primer is VITAL.