How Do You Set A Song As A Ringtone On Android?

Drag the music file (MP3) you’d like to use as a ringtone into the “Ringtones” folder.

On your phone, touch Settings > Sound & notification > Phone ringtone.

Your song will now be listed as an option.

Select the song you want and set it as your ringtone.

How do you make a song your ringtone on Android?

To set an MP3 file for use as custom ringtone system-wide, do the following:

  • Copy the MP3 files to your phone.
  • Go to Settings > Sound > Device ringtone.
  • Tap the Add button to launch the media manager app.
  • You will see a list of music files stored on your phone.
  • Your selected MP3 track will now be your custom ringtone.

When someone calls me can they hear the music?

A Ringback Tone is that ringing sound you hear when you try to call someone. With LISTEN, you have the option to replace that ringing sound with music or voice status messages. This way your callers can hear the latest music hits or a personalized message from you. It’s whatever you want to play to them!

How do you make a song your ringtone on iPhone?

You can create custom ringtones using your iPhone: Open the GarageBand app and find the song that you want to use to make a ringtone. Touch and hold the song, then choose Share > Ringtone. Enter a name for the ringtone, then tap Export.

How do you set a song as a ringtone on Google pixel 2?

How to Set a Song as a Ringtone on Pixel 2

  1. First, make sure that your Pixel 2 is turned on.
  2. Then, open the Dialer app.
  3. Locate and press on the contact you want to have a ringtone for.
  4. Next is to press the pen-shaped icon to edit the contact.
  5. After that, press the “Ringtone” button.