Question: How Do I Use Android Launcher?

What does a launcher do on Android phone?

Launcher is the name given to the part of the Android user interface that lets users customize the home screen (e.g.

the phone’s desktop), launch mobile apps, make phone calls, and perform other tasks on Android devices (devices that use the Android mobile operating system).

How do I change the launcher on my Android phone?

Reset your Android phone to the default launcher

  • Step 1: Run the Settings app.
  • Step 2: Tap Apps, then swipe over to the All heading.
  • Step 3: Scroll down until you find the name of your current launcher, then tap it.
  • Step 4: Scroll down to the Clear Defaults button, then tap it.

What is the best Android Launcher 2019?

  1. Nova Launcher. Nova Launcher truly is one of the best Android launchers around on Google Play Store.
  2. Evie Launcher. Evie launcher is designed for performance and is one of the fastest Android launchers.
  3. Buzz Launcher.
  4. Apex.
  5. Niagara Launcher.
  6. Smart Launcher 5.
  7. Microsoft Launcher.
  8. ADW Launcher 2.

Are Android launchers safe?

In short, yes, most launchers are not harmful. They are just a skin to your phone and does not clear any of your personal data when you uninstall it. I recommend you look at Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, Solo Launcher, or any other popular launcher. Good luck with your new Nexus!

What is the best free launcher for Android?

The 10 Best Android Launchers of 2019

  • Buzz Launcher.
  • Evie Launcher.
  • Launcher iOS 12.
  • Microsoft Launcher.
  • Nova Launcher.
  • One Launcher. User Rating: 4.3 Installs: 27,420 Price: Free.
  • Smart Launcher 5. User Rating: 4.4 Installs: 519,518 Price: Free/$4.49 Pro.
  • ZenUI Launcher. User Rating: 4.7 Installs: 1,165,876 Price: Free.

Do launchers slow down your phone?

No. They do not slow the phone down more than the default launcher will, with a condition: the phone must have powerful enough hardware. Take a Galaxy Y for example. Hardware is barebones essential to run Android smoothly, but without the bling of better animation and graphics.

What is the default Android launcher?

Changing the Default Launcher In Pre-4.4 Android

In the case of our example device, the default launcher is the Google Now Launcher.

How can I change my android region?

Open the Play Store app on your Android device. Slide out the left menu and select Account. If you have access to the country-switching option, you’ll see a Country and profiles entry in this menu. Tap this Country category, and select your new country.

How do I change the homescreen on my Android?

Personalize your home screen: The basics

  1. Tap and hold a blank space on your home screen.
  2. Tap on “Wallpapers” at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Choose from the existing wallpapers or use one of your own photos.
  4. Once you’ve made your selection, tap on “Set wallpaper.”

What is the fastest launcher for Android?

9 Best And Fastest Android Launchers With Low CPU And RAM Usage

  • Microsoft Launcher. Microsoft actually has its own launcher.
  • Smart Launcher 5.
  • Pixel Launcher.
  • Apex Launcher.
  • Smart Launcher Pro 3.
  • Arrow Launcher.
  • Nova Launcher.
  • CM Launcher.

Do Android launchers drain battery?

So it is possible that both the launchers installed in your phone keep running for some time and drain your battery faster than you expect and even it’s not necessary that your default android launcher don’t consume more battery.

Which is the best iOS launcher for Android?

Here is the list of best iPhone launchers for Android to give your Android phone a look like iPhone.

  1. One Launcher.
  2. iLauncher – OS 9.
  3. Launcher for iPhone 7.
  4. Phone X Launcher.
  5. xOS Launcher.
  6. OS10 Launcher for Phone 7.
  7. iLauncher OS 12.

How do I uninstall Android launcher?

How to Uninstall CM launcher

  • Step 1: Go to your Android settings.
  • Step 2: From the settings search for the Apps menu.
  • Step 3: Under the Apps, select All apps option given on the top of the screen.
  • Step 4: From the list of all Apps search for the installed CM launcher.
  • Step 5: Now tap on the CM launcher to open its settings.

Is Poco launcher good?

Poco launcher comes from Xiaomi’s Pocophone F1. Just like Pocophone F1, the Poco launcher is also a fantastic pick for several reasons. Xiaomi ships its phones with MIUI but it’s not everyone’s favorite. The best part about Poco launcher is that it is available for other phones on Google Play Store.

Does launcher affect performance?

Yes it does affect performance, most noticeable is the lag when trying to launch applications or switching between applications. Although the effect on performance is launcher specific/dependent since it’s a process (application on its own) it uses the RAM.

What can you customize on Android?

Best Android Launchers for Customizing Your Phone

  1. Customize Your Phone’s Home Screen.
  2. Pixel Launcher.
  3. Lawnchair.
  4. Smart Launcher 5.
  5. Hyperion Launcher.
  6. Niagara Launcher.
  7. BlackBerry Launcher.
  8. POCO Launcher.

What is the best theme app for Android?

These are the best free Android Themes Apps to replace homes screen & app drawer layout.

  • Themer (free)
  • Zooper Widget (free)
  • Touchwhiz Apex/Nova Theme (free)
  • Glass Icon Pack Theme (free)
  • Shadow Theme (free)
  • Black Technology Theme (free)
  • Steam Punk Launcher Theme (free)
  • Red Iron Hero 3D Theme (free)

Which is the best user interface for Android?

The best Android skins of 2018

  1. OxygenOS. OxygenOS is a customized version of Android used by OnePlus on its smartphones.
  2. MIUI. Xiaomi ships out its devices with MIUI, a highly customized version of Android.
  3. Samsung One UI.
  4. ColorOS.
  5. Stock Android.
  6. Android One.
  7. ZenUI.
  8. EMUI.