How Do I Transfer Mp3 Files To My IPhone?

To transfer MP3 from PC to iPhone, you need import MP3 files to iTunes library by choosing “File” > “Add File to Library”.

Click “Music” from “Settings” tab.

Choose “Sync Music” to sync the entire music library or a certain playlist and finalize the music transfer by hitting on “Apply” button.

Can I put mp3 files on my iPhone?

Drag and drop the MP3 or AAC files you want to sync from Finder (or Explorer in Windows) into your music library. Drag your MP3 or AAC file into iTunes. That’s it! You should see the music in all your iTunes music lists: Artists, Albums, Songs, and Genres.

How do I transfer mp3 files to my iPhone Without iTunes?

Method 1. Transfer mp3 to iPhone without iTunes

  • Step 1: Connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer and tap Trust This Computer on the device screen to continue.
  • Step 2: Click Music and go to the music management screen.
  • Step 3: Once you click the button, you will be guided to your computer to find the music files/folders.

How do I transfer audio files to my iPhone?

You can use either a physical USB cable or the wireless sync option to transfer audio files from your iPhone.

  1. Launch the Apple iTunes software. Connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB synchronization cable.
  2. Locate your iPhone under “Devices” on the left side of iTunes.
  3. Select the “Music” tab.
  4. Press “Apply.”

Where do I find mp3 files on my iPhone?

1 Answer

  • Open up Settings on your iPhone.
  • Select “iTunes & App Store”
  • Tap the switch beside Music under “SHOW ALL” near the top.

How do I download YouTube mp3 to my iPhone?

Method 1 Download YouTube Video to MP3 with Online Video Downloader

  1. Go to the site of Flvto, copy and paste the link of the YouTube video you want to download to the box of “Enter the link of the media”.
  2. Select MP3 as the output format and then click on CONVERT TO to start the conversion process.