Quick Answer: How Do I Put Music On My IPhone 8 Without ITunes?

How can I put music on my iPhone without using iTunes?

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How to Transfer Music to iPhone or iPod touch Without iTunes


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How can I put music on my iPhone 8?

Connect your iPhone 8/8 Plus to your computer with its original USB cable. 2. Make sure you have installed the latest iTunes version and launch it. 3. Choose the music files you want to add to the iPhone 8/8 Plus and drag the music contents to the iPhone 8 device in the left sidebar.

How do I transfer music from Mac to iPhone without iTunes?

How to Import Music to iPhone without iTunes on Mac

  • Download, install and run the software. Launch iPhone to Mac Transfer software, and connect your iPhone with Mac.
  • Import music to iPhone without iTunes.
  • Locate the required audio files on the pop-up dialogbox and click “Open” button to import selected files to your iPhone library.
  • Edit iPhone Playlist.

How can you download music to your iPhone without iTunes for free?

1. How to Download Songs to iPhone without iTunes

  1. Step 1: Download and install TunesMate on your computer. Afterwards, plug your iPhone into your computer with your USB cable and then open up TunesMate.
  2. Open TunesMate and connect your iPhone. Click on “Transfer iTunes Media to iDevice”.
  3. Pay Attention:

Can I get free music on iPhone?

Thus even devoted Apple fans can download and enjoy new or favorite tracks with Google Play Music. The free version lets you only stream music. However, if you get a subscription for $1.99 per month, you’ll be able to save music songs onto your phone and play them without the Internet connection.

How do I transfer music to my iPhone 8?

Step 1: Connect your iPhone 8/8 Plus to your computer with a USB cable and launch iTunes. Step 2: Click the Device tab in iTunes and choose Music. Step 3: Click the checkbox next to Sync Music and choose the items you’d like to copy from PC to your iPhone.

How do I manually add songs to my iPhone?

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How to manually add Music to iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch from


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How do I put music on my iPhone?

Syncing music to iPhone with iTunes

  • Connect your iPhone to PC via matched USB cable.
  • Open iTunes.
  • After that, click the phone icon on the left corner of the interface.
  • Import music into iTunes library from computer by clicking “File” and then “Add File to Library”.
  • Now, click “Music” under “Settings” tab.