How Do I Fix My Android Connection Problem Or Invalid MMI Code?

Navigate to:

  • Settings.
  • Network Connection.
  • Mobile Networks.
  • Network Operators, it will begin searching. You will see available networks present .
  • If you selected one and you still encountering invalid MMI Code then,
  • Connect again, normally it can take up to 4-5 attempts before it actually starts working.

What does connection problem or invalid MMI code mean?

Solution: ‘Connection problem or invalid MMI code’ indicates problem with the network (i.e poor signal) or wrong MMI code have being entered by the user. Otherwise, if user is trying to recharge through the mobile which has two active sim connections. Then, there is a chance for this error.

How do I fix error problem or invalid MMI code?

Here are some methods you can try as they worked for me when i was facing this error:

  1. Restart your device.
  2. Add a comma at the end. Like if your code is *123#1 try *123#1,
  3. Check network settings. Go to network connection> Mobile networks> network operators and then select the wireless network provider.

How do I fix Huawei connection problem or invalid MMI code?

Go to Settings on your phone > Network connection > Mobile networks > Network Operators. It will start searching. From the option you need to select your service provider. If still the invalid MMI code problem is occurring then connect again.

How do I turn off MMI code?

Re: What is the MMI code to disable call forwarding?

  • Dial #21#.
  • Push the Call, Send, Talk, or Receiver icon.
  • Your wireless device displays a confirmation message when Call Forwarding deactivates.

What is the meaning of MMI code in mobile?

Every code that you enter over your phones keypad that contains asterisk (*) or hash (#) characters is an MMI code. MMI stands for Man-Machine-Interface. Even though most of these MMI codes look pretty similar, they fall into different groups with completely different actions.

What is USSD code in mobile?

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), sometimes referred to as “Quick Codes” or “Feature codes”, is a communications protocol used by GSM cellular telephones to communicate with the mobile network operator’s computers.

What is the MMI code of Jio?

List of Reliance Jio USSD codes for Checking Balance & 4G Data. 1] *333# : Dial this code to check your main balance. 2] To receive the same via sms, you can text MBAL to 55333 which is toll free number.

What is MMI complete?

Sometimes mobile users can see the message mmi complete when they are trying to contact customer care or recharge using shortcut codes provided by mobile network service providers. This mmi complete message will appears when there is no network connectivity or poor signal.

What is MMI sequence?

An MMI Code is a sequence of digits that is entered into your phone to make it perform some special action. These codes start and end with a * or # so they don’t get confused with phone numbers you might want to dial.

What is MMI code for Idea?

Idea USSD Codes – Complete Updated List to Check Balance, Plan and more

USSD codes Details
*130*Recharge code# Idea Recharge Code
*456# or *457# Idea Account balance
SMS 3GTV to 54777 Idea Live TV service
*125*5# Idea Net Balance Check Code

21 more rows