Quick Answer: How Do I Download Music To My IPhone 8?

Connect your iPhone 8 to iTunes, and click on the device icon, then you will enter your device info page, simply click on Music option.

Step 2.

Select to sync Entire music library or Selected playlists.

After checked your desired songs, click on Apply > Sync button to start syncing.

How do I download music onto my iPhone 8?

Connect your iPhone 8/8 Plus to your computer with its original USB cable. 2. Make sure you have installed the latest iTunes version and launch it. 3. Choose the music files you want to add to the iPhone 8/8 Plus and drag the music contents to the iPhone 8 device in the left sidebar.

How do I download music to my iPhone?

Install iTunes on your computer (just go to www.apple.com and download it). Now go to “Add to Library” or “Add File to Library” and select the tracks which you would like to send to your iPhone. Connect your iPhone to your computer and go to the Devices menu of iTunes. Choose your iPhone and go to the Music section.

How do I download YouTube music onto my iPhone?

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How do I put downloaded music from iTunes onto my iPhone?

Open the File menu and select either “Add File to Library” or “Add Folder to Library,” depending on how much music you’re adding and how you have it stored. Choose the file or folder you’re importing and click “Open.” Plug your iPhone into your computer. When connected, it will show up in the iTunes sidebar.